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A Master of Fine Arts Exhibition:  STONES FROM THE DEEP





Cary L. Childress

December 2003

The goal of this project was to create a series of 6 medium-sized sculptures carved predominantly from stone. Reflecting the essence of ocean and marine life, the works are nonfigurative and employ sensuous, compound curves in free form shapes. These pieces also serve as vehicles to express and explore feelings of pride, wonder, loneliness, exclusion, fear, and pain.

Each piece led to the next in a sequential and logical investigation of ideas and techniques. The unusual properties and fragility of the stones chosen required a variety of improvised skills and techniques for carving, shaping and polishing. The exceptional thinness and distinctive shapes of the stones also necessitated modifying the normal usage of sculpting tools and methods.

Inspired by the works of both Constantin Brancusi and Georgia O'Keeffe, the creative process evolved to combine 2 different modes: a planned, analytical development and a more spontaneous, intuitive approach relying on the subconscious.